Guest Registration/Application

Guest Registration/Application

    Date :
    Estimated Arrival Date :

    General Information

    List name, age, and relationship of all other persons authorized (Other Occupants) to occupy the RV:

    Has either Primary Guest or any Other Occupant(s) (listed above) ever (check if applicable):

    If yes to any of the above, explain:


    List all vehicles to be parked on property:


    In case of emergency, notify:


    If yes, please list the type, breed, and weight of pet: (max of 3 pets per RV allowed)

    The undersigned Primary Guest, and all Adult Other Occupants represent that all of the above information is true and complete and authorize the verification of same by any means. Primary Guest and all Adult Other Occupants acknowledge that an investigative consumer report including information as to the character, general reputation, mode of living, whichever is applicable, may be made. Anyone on which a consumer report is made has the right to request additional disclosures and a written summary of the rights of a consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. False information given shall entitle RV Park to: (1) reject this application; (2) retain the deposit in accordance with the Rules, Terms and Conditions agreement; and (3) terminate Primary Guest’s right of occupancy in accordance with the Rules, Terms and Conditions agreement. False information may also constitute a serious criminal offense under the laws of this State.

    Date effective as of the date written below.

    Primary Guest:
    Adult Other Occupant(s):